"salvation" Tagged Sermons

"salvation" Tagged Sermons

Set Free Indeed

On Sunday 18th November 2018 we baptised a young couple.  This is the message preached on that day to joyously reflect on the gospel that saved them so powerfully.


Every week in church we preach the gospel. Why?  I mean if the congregation are already believers why do we persist with this same message? As we begin our Gospel Drama series, we take a look at preaching and why it is vital for both the church and the world.

The Reign of Christ

The question of the Millennium for many Christians is one of confusion, controversy and division. For others it is the critical issue in studying Revelation. As we work our way through this tricky passage, we will see that this 1000 year reign has far more to offer than controversy.

The Day of Wrath Uncovered

We often speak about the coming of God’s Kingdom like it will just one day appear… but kingdoms do not come silently.  The Scriptures tell of the Kingdom of God like it will be a stone that crushes all other kingdoms to dust.  Well in Revelation 15-16 we catch a glimpse of this earth-shattering arrival.  Join us as Pastor Joe helps us come to grips with the day of God’s coming wrath.

God’s Patience is Salvation

There are few phrases that sum up the Australians ethos better than; “she’ll be right”. We love this phrase because above all it communicates that we relaxed and chilled. The problem is, when we think about it, the mantra of “She’ll be right” is nothing more than prolonging the things that we should be doing right now because we presume the future. In his final stanza before signing off, Peter calls us not to live according to the she’ll be…

Michael Howell: Cows, corpses and cleansing

God’s gracious provision of an instant sin offering to cure the uncleanness of his people reminds us that in Christ we have one who cleanses us not externally and temporarily, but internally and eternally.  Michael Howell from City North Baptist shares this powerful truth with us.

Obsessed with Blood

For some reason Christians seemed to be obsessed with blood: we celebrate it, we sing about it, we champion its power, and we drink a cup of wine that represents it.  This is pretty strange behaviour.  This obsession can make us feel pretty confused and uncomfortable.  But it is necessary that we embrace the concept of blood because it is central to our faith.

WARNING: Don’t fall away!

As we have been journeying through the book of Hebrews we have seen the preacher calling his people to see that Jesus is far greater than anything the old system of Judaism had to offer.  But it seem he is fearful that his preaching is falling on deaf ears…  And so he issues a stern and confronting warning that has the potential to rock our understanding of salvation to the core.  Pastor Joe navigates this tricky passage to help us…

Jesus Better than Angels

Our culture has turned the idea of angels into feminised images of niceness and beauty… but when a Jew thought about angels they envisaged a powerful warrior-like creature who exercised significant power. Angels were the source of assurance for the Jews as they verified the messages that God sent them. With Jewish Christians being tempted to slide back into Judaism the Preacher of Hebrews wants to put their understanding of angels in perspective so they don’t miss the real message…

The Gospel Goes Out

The church in Antioch was seriously passionate about spreading the good news of Jesus. So they send Paul & Barnabas out into the Gentile lands to share the message of the gospel. But as the gospel goes out into the world we will see that there are highs and lows in this mission. In this message Pastor Joe highlights what happens when the gospel goes out into the world and what it teaches us about both the gospel and the…
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