The New Testament makes it pretty clear that all those who trust in Jesus are part of His Church! This means that the church is made up of all believers in Jesus, from every part of the world, throughout all time – a stunningly big community!

However, it is impossible for all these people to gather in one place and one time here on earth. So, this glorious community expresses itself through local congregations all over the world. Groups of believers who gather together to worship the same Jesus and reflect on the same gospel Sunday-by-Sunday. The New Testament also makes it clear that those of us who follow Jesus should be part of one of these local communities.

The Scriptures teach us to gather around the teaching of the gospel, submit to a group of leaders and care for one another in an organised way so that God would be made known everywhere that local churches exist. The way we practice this at Rosalie is through Church Membership!

Church Membership is the formal process by which we commit to one another out of love for both Jesus and each other. To be a member of Rosalie you need to be a follower of Jesus who has been baptised as a believer. And you need to agree to make Rosalie your church home and live out what this means practically.

We run a membership session where the privileges and responsibilities of membership are explained. Contact the church if you want more information.