Sermons on Jeremiah

Sermons on Jeremiah

Jeremiah in the Epic Story of God

When God chose to reveal Himself and His workings in this world to us He did not choose to give a lecture, He chose to tell us a story!  This story is truly epic.  It is a story that covers everything that God has done to create, redeem & restore His people throughout thousands of years of history.  As we finish our look at Jeremiah we will see what role Jeremiah played in this epic story and what we can…

He is stronger

As we continue to summarise the big themes of this book of Jeremiah, today we measure the full weight of the destruction that the nation of Judah brought upon themselves. But when we see the mess they made we will see that there is still hope… hope that comes the heart of our God. 

Jesus: better than idols

It has been a long journey through the book of Jeremiah.  All that God prophesied against Judah through Jeremiah has come to pass.  And now as this chapter of the history of the people of God closes we will spend 3 weeks looking at the key themes of this epic book so that God’s message will not be lost on us.  This week we look at a particularly insidious problem that Judah never managed to shake.

The Trustworthy God

When we see violence in the Bible, especially violence orchestrated by God, it is easy to pull back a bit from God and doubt whether or not He is the kind of God that we want to trust. Well as we reach the crescendo of the narrative of Jeremiah, the destruction of Jerusalem, we see God enact a brutal fate on the city and the king… but this judgment will actually fuel our trust in God rather than turn us…

Yes He Can!

There is a part inside of all of us that longs for change; that longs to be better, more Christlike, more holy.  But fighting against that desire is a spirit of apathy and rebellion that is all too often stronger than our desire to change.  As we continue in our Jeremiah series we see a powerful and defiant king who does everything he can to stamp out change… but we also see a power that can overcome even the most…

Foolishly Wise

So many people think that following Jesus, going to church, embracing religion, is one of the most foolish things you can do. As we continue following the life and teaching of Jeremiah we see that God calls him to do something that looks incredibly foolish to prove to the nation that trusting God might look foolish but is infinitely wise.

The Welfare of the City

As Australian society moves further and further away from its Christian roots it is easy for churches and Christians to respond to this rapid change by either fighting against it or fleeing from it. When the exiles of Judah found themselves in the pagan city of Babylon surrounded by pagan culture the feeling was the same… some wanted to fight and some wanted to flee. But God inspires Jeremiah to write to these exiles and what he says radically changes…

The Long Arm of Salvation

King Nebuchadnezzar of Bablyon had defeated the Assyrians and the Egyptians and eventually pressed in on Judah. Without a chance of survival, the king of Judah surrendered and he, his family and 10000 of the culturally elite of the nation were carried off into captivity. Many thought these exiles were the bad fruit that God had weeded out of Judah and those that remained would be refined for his purposes. But God shows Jeremiah a vision that turns this thinking upside down and…

The King for the Broken-hearted

Running through the prophecies of Jeremiah has been a savage critique of the society that the now idolatrous nation of Judah was building.  The poor, the widow, the orphan, and the refugee were being overlooked and left vulnerable. Here in this chapter Jeremiah brings this theme to the fore and reveals something shocking about the heart that was behind these social abuses. 
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