The Arrival

The Arrival

The End of Evil

In our society we have a tendency to downplay the concept of evil. We like to think that there really aren’t such categories as black and white, or good and evil; preferring to smooth everything out to grey. That is until something happens that we cannot mistake for anything but evil. The story of the Bible doesn’t hide the reality of evil.  In fact it highlights evil so that we cannot miss it.  But more than just highlighting it, the Bible…

Christ and Christmas

It seems like the world surrounding Jesus at the beginning of His life is there to worship Him… there to be amazed at Him… there to stand amazed at Him.  Well as Jesus grew and began a teaching ministry it seemed as though the crowds that flocked to hear Him were falling into line with this host of worshipers. And so in the encounter we see today we will be gripped with a desire to join in the worshipers but…

The End of Self-Justification

When we dust off our cute little nativity scenes each year we think little about the world that Jesus was born into.  We know the famous story of Joseph, Mary and the manger but we know very little of the kind of society that these events took place in.  As we start our Christmas series for 2015 we will look at what this society was like and how the coming of Jesus dramatically changed it.
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