Reverberating Truth

Reverberating Truth

God’s Patience is Salvation

There are few phrases that sum up the Australians ethos better than; “she’ll be right”. We love this phrase because above all it communicates that we relaxed and chilled. The problem is, when we think about it, the mantra of “She’ll be right” is nothing more than prolonging the things that we should be doing right now because we presume the future. In his final stanza before signing off, Peter calls us not to live according to the she’ll be…

The God who Vindicates & Judges

What is the greatest danger to the church? Some people might think that the greatest danger to the church comes from external pressures like secularisation, or progressive ideologies or perhaps even the threat of radical Islam. However, Peter writes that the greatest danger to the church doesn’t come from external pressures, but rather, from within the church itself, from false teachers who veer away from Jesus and the gospel. These false teachers threaten the very foundation of the Gospel by…

The God who Revealed Himself

The final recorded words of people before they die give us an insight into their beliefs, their worldview, their reflection on life and their future hope. The book of 2 Peter contains the last recorded words of the Apostle before he died. And in his final speech, Peter lays down the foundation on how to live as a faithful follower of Jesus as he passes the gospel baton onto the next generation which has now been past down to us.
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