Old Truth – New Year

Old Truth – New Year

The Living Hope

As we continue looking at ancient truths of the Christian faith and how understanding them can frame how we embark on a new year, Ben Peacock unpacks the stunning truth that our future is sure in Jesus.

Rest in Christ

We continue our Old Truth for a New Year series by looking at the glorious truth that Jesus is our all satisfying rest. Pastor Joe looks at how this truth can frame our year.

Weakness & Strength

As we think about 2019 and all it holds in store for us, I reckon most of us would be hoping that it doesn’t hold suffering, trial or weakness. Rightfully, we don’t like the thought that a New Year might bring stuff that will make our lives hard. But what if it does? Pastor Joe unpacks how even if 2019 is another year of weakness, there is much that we can rejoice in.
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