Sermons on Jonah

Sermons on Jonah

The Resenting Prophet

Jonah has been on a topsy turvy journey with God and as we reach the final instalment of his journey, he is shown to be full of resentment towards God. Jonah is convinced that Nineveh didn’t deserve God’s mercy. But Jonah’s vision of God’s plan for the world is nearsighted and narrow. Instead of resting in God’s grace, Jonah resents it. Jonah 4 gives us a glimpse into God’s plan to restore all things!

The Repentant City

For years the city of Nineveh had set themselves against God and God’s people. They were the last city that anyone would have expected receive a message from God. In this passage, we are given a taste of God’s longing to see people find salvation in him, even people who we might not expect to trust him. Pastor Joe will help us to see how God is sovereign in salvation and is able to extend his grace in the most…

The Repentant Prophet

After Jonah’s rebellious tirade against God, he is brought to his knees as God rescues him by appointing a great fish to swallow him up. 3 days and 3 nights Jonah in the belly of the great fish brings Jonah to his knees as he repents of his rebellious attitude to God. Pastor Joe helps us to see how we can experience hope and restoration through repentance.

The Rebellious Prophet

The Chronicles of Nineveh is a series looking at two books of the Bible that focus on the ancient city of Nineveh. Pastor Ben begins our new series by introducing us to the story of Jonah. A prophet of God who is sadly rebellious towards God, the trouble this brings upon himself, and the way God’s plan for salvation cannot be stopped.
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