Sermons by Karl Scott

Sermons by Karl Scott

The Crucifixion

Over the last few weeks we have seen the events around Jesus’ life hurtling Him towards this moment; the moment He is finally crucified. Pastoral Intern Karl Scott helps us navigate the final moments of Jesus’ life and find a stunning and unmissable truth.

Pervasive False Teaching

Jesus was so hated by the powerful religious elite that even opposing factions came together and worked to bring Him down. In today’s passage, Pharisees and Sadducesss unite to accuse Jesus. Pastoral Intern Karl Scott unpacks this encounter to show us how the blind hardheartedness of these leaders can impact our lives as well.

Judging Others

Christians are often criticised for being judgemental. But what does Jesus actually say about judging others. Pastoral Intern Karl Scott works through Jesus’ teaching on how we are to view others in the light of the Kingdom.
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