"salvation" Tagged Sermons (Page 2)

"salvation" Tagged Sermons (Page 2)

The New Pentecost

Last week we saw the church was told to wait in Jerusalem for the gift of the Holy Spirit. This week we see the stunning reality of what the outpouring of this Spirit actually meant; what it meant for the small congregation of Jesus followers and what it meant for the world. Join us as Pastor Joe unpacks the Pentecost experience and the first sermon of the church of Jesus Christ. 

Sanctification – the transforming God

What is it about our salvation that makes it so spectacular? Yes, it is the free gift of God’s grace… but it is more than a simple “get out of hell free card” or a change of verdict from guilty to not guilty… Christian salvation is intimate… intimate because our salvation is delivered to us by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Joe unpacks this intimate salvation and the radical change that it makes in our life.

He is stronger

As we continue to summarise the big themes of this book of Jeremiah, today we measure the full weight of the destruction that the nation of Judah brought upon themselves. But when we see the mess they made we will see that there is still hope… hope that comes the heart of our God. 

The Trustworthy God

When we see violence in the Bible, especially violence orchestrated by God, it is easy to pull back a bit from God and doubt whether or not He is the kind of God that we want to trust. Well as we reach the crescendo of the narrative of Jeremiah, the destruction of Jerusalem, we see God enact a brutal fate on the city and the king… but this judgment will actually fuel our trust in God rather than turn us…

The Long Arm of Salvation

King Nebuchadnezzar of Bablyon had defeated the Assyrians and the Egyptians and eventually pressed in on Judah. Without a chance of survival, the king of Judah surrendered and he, his family and 10000 of the culturally elite of the nation were carried off into captivity. Many thought these exiles were the bad fruit that God had weeded out of Judah and those that remained would be refined for his purposes. But God shows Jeremiah a vision that turns this thinking upside down and…

Longing for Justice

Unfortunately we had some difficulties with the sermon audio for this message.  You can find a comprehensive set of notes below.

Don’t Miss the Point

It is so easy to get caught up in the routines of our faith, the busyness of life or the trials and frustrations we face and to totally miss the point of Christianity altogether.  As we reach Galatians 5 Paul declares with simple clarity why Jesus died for us… why Jesus sacrificed Himself… what was in His mind as He brought us into salvation… FREEDOM!  And yet so often we miss the beauty of this freedom and exchange it for…

Christ: All You Need

As we have been journeying through Colossians we have seen that there were many ideas, philosophies and religions competing for the hearts and minds of the Colossian Christians.  This morning we see another of Paul’s pleas to reject these in favour of Christ alone.  Pastor Joe takes these truths and applies them to the problems that the church today has with evangelism.  
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