Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

Joy to the World

A series looking at the theological and biblical roots of the classic Christmas Carols we sing. At our Christmas Eve Carols Service, Pastor Ben shares with us the glorious message of Christmas through the lens of the popular Carol “Joy to the World”. He shows us how we might be able to access true joy through Jesus Christ.

Jason Bryan-Brown: Psalm 73

God is good. Sometimes this is easy to say, other times it can seem like the biggest con of all time. As Christians we need to be honest with our struggles with our belief in the goodness of God. Jason Bryan-Brown unpacks a Psalm that helps us to do just that.

Karl Scott: Psalm 17

Many of us would know the anguish of being falsely accused of wrong-doing or being unfairly treated by those in power. Psalm 17 is a cry for vindication. As intern Karl Scott unpacks this passionate song, we will see how our cries for justice are met and fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Josh Mays: Psalm 77

We all know what it is to go through times of distress. We all know the thoughts, doubts and questions that rattle through our brains during times like this. But I reckon we don’t think of these thoughts as worshipful… one of our members, Josh Mays, unpacks Psalm 77 to show us what it means to worship God in and through our distress.

Aaron Needer: Psalm 92

Psalm 92 is unique in that it is the only Psalm with a Sabbath notation. This means that it was probably sung week-by-week in the normal rhythms of life for God’s people. Intern Aaron Needer unpacks this Psalm to show us why it is good for us to worship our God regularly in song.
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