Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

The King Who Empowers

After King Jesus’ ascended to the Father, he gave his Spirit to indwell his people and empower them to fulfil the mission of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Mission Possible 5

The mission to take the gospel into all the world is not a solo mission. It is a mission that the whole Church has been called to fulfil.

The Gospel is Victorious

As we come to the end of Acts, we find Paul finally makes it to Rome where he continues to preach the gospel to both Jews and Gentiles. Here Acts leaves Paul, preaching the gospel in Rome, living at his own expense, with the world coming to hear him. Luke finishes his account of the early church here to show us something that is stunning that should grip our hearts and embolden our mission.

The Gospel Seeks Welfare

Many people distance themselves from Christianity because they feel it is a lost cause. In a world that values tolerance and hates narrow-mindedness, Christianity often appears as divisive and bigoted. The Apostle Paul is often viewed as the epitome of this unattractive way of life… single-focused, blunt, divisive, and a trouble-maker. However, in the passage we look at today we see the faith of Paul at work in a way that shatters these misconceptions and we will be challenged to…

A Public Defence of the Gospel

Paul’s decision to return to Jerusalem and go to the Temple to worship thrust him into a set of circumstances that were outside of his control. He was bounced from one official to another as the Romans struggled to know what to do with him. But in this season of captivity Paul is given 3 significant chances to publicly defend the gospel before these various rulers. In this defence we see some truths that can help frame our public defence…

The Gospel as #lifegoal

Having journeyed with Paul over the last few months of our Acts series we have come to know him fairly well; to the point where we might be able to predict what he will do. But as he arrives back in Jerusalem he will make 3 decisions that seem bizarre to us. He will act against Spirit-filled advice, embrace the Jewish Law again, and deliberately place himself in danger. But as we uncover his motives behind these 3 decisions we…

The Gospel Forges Bonds

Many of us long for deep, intimate and meaningful friendship. However, we often look to fill this need by finding people with whom we share a common interest. As we look at the stunning level of friendship Paul shared with the Ephesian elders we see that there is something that forms a stronger bond than any common interest. Join Pastor Joe as he unpacks what it means to have lasting gospel friendship.

The Gospel Satisfies Every Longing

Ministering the gospel in the synagogues had come fairly easy to Paul. There he had the perfect foothold to start conversations that would lead to the gospel. He simply had to teach Jesus was the Christ from the Jewish Scriptures and people understood what he was getting at. But this week we find Paul in Athens, the epicentre of Greek intellectualism, philosophy and arts. Here he would not have had the easy foothold of the Law. So As we observe…

Fighting for the Gospel

After the wondrous joys of their first missionary journey Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch where they soon encounter a new group of teachers who have begun to spread a nuanced gospel. Upon hearing their message Paul & Barnabas are quick to refute their teaching to the point where they head off to Jerusalem to meet with the Apostles and elders of the church in order to sort the matter out once and for all. Pastor Joe takes us through…

The Gospel Goes Out

The church in Antioch was seriously passionate about spreading the good news of Jesus. So they send Paul & Barnabas out into the Gentile lands to share the message of the gospel. But as the gospel goes out into the world we will see that there are highs and lows in this mission. In this message Pastor Joe highlights what happens when the gospel goes out into the world and what it teaches us about both the gospel and the…
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