Sermons on Revelation

Sermons on Revelation

The Return Of The King

The Christian hope is not only founded on what God has done for us in the gospel, but the christian hope is one that looks forward to the day when Jesus will return in power and judgement. The Return of King Jesus will right every single wrong and it will be a day of rejoicing for all who put their faith in Jesus!

Come Lord Jesus!

We have heard about the glorious wonder of our soon-to-be future in the New Heavens and the New Earth; and it captivated our hearts.  But when we look at the world as it is now, we see a different reality.  So as John rounds out the account of his vision that he will send to the churches, we will see him refocus the attention of the churches onto what it is we should do as we wait for our future…

Our Future Uncovered

Many people have a vision of Heaven that is ethereal, like sitting on a cloud with a harp. As we come near to the end of Revelation, John is shown a vision of our future that blows this white cloud idea out of the water. Join us as we unpack the glorious wonder of our eternal home.

The Reign of Christ

The question of the Millennium for many Christians is one of confusion, controversy and division. For others it is the critical issue in studying Revelation. As we work our way through this tricky passage, we will see that this 1000 year reign has far more to offer than controversy.

The Fall of Evil

The call to holiness is often viewed as a call to drudgery, boredom and joyless discipline.  Normally we have combated this misunderstanding by highlighting that holiness is joyfulness, liberty and true life… but Revelation 18 has a different take on it that is equally valid.  When God calls His people to “come out” from Babylon, He is doing so because of Babylon’s destiny… a destiny He longs to spare His people from.

Great Forces of Evil

In Revelation 17 we see the two main thrusts of evil in the world and they are not like anything we might have imagined.  Join Pastor Joe as he uncovers the nature of this evil and how Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb, can empower our wrestle against it.

The Day of Wrath Uncovered

We often speak about the coming of God’s Kingdom like it will just one day appear… but kingdoms do not come silently.  The Scriptures tell of the Kingdom of God like it will be a stone that crushes all other kingdoms to dust.  Well in Revelation 15-16 we catch a glimpse of this earth-shattering arrival.  Join us as Pastor Joe helps us come to grips with the day of God’s coming wrath.

The Fierce Love of God

We have seen the epic drama of an angry dragon making war on the people of God in a last ditch effort to cause damage to the plan of God.  While the victory of God is assured, God still has to watch His people endure the threats of the dragon. How will God respond when His people are threatened? How will He display His love to them?

Victory Uncovered (Easter Sunday)

War has captured the imagination of poets, authors and artists.  Mainly because of the great themes of human emotion that all seem to find a place on the battlefield, but also because the average person needs to be transported to the battlefield.  We don’t know what war is like so we need these artists to take us there.  Revelation 12 stands as a vivid and powerful description of another battle that we need to be transported to, an invisible battle…

Good Friday: The God who makes peace

Our history is marked with hostility.  From brokenness in simple relationships to hostility on a global scale.  Some may ask where God is in the midst of this hostility; has He abandoned us?  Where is God when we are crying out for peace?  The story of Good Friday reveals something stunning about God and our quest for peace on earth.
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