Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

The King And His Citizens- Part 3

A common critique that is levelled against Christianity is that Christians are hypocrites. It is said that Christians say one thing and then go ahead and avoid doing the very thing they said they would do. The expectation is that Christians should practice what they preach. Interestingly, Jesus disliked hypocrites in much the same way that we do today. In fact, Jesus rebuked the religious people of his day for living a life of show and pretense. Their so-called religion…

The King and His Citizens – Part 2

How do you measure Godliness? Some people in Jesus’ day thought that Godliness was found in perfect obedience to God’s law. But the answer that Jesus gives to this question is striking. As we continue our journey through the second half of Matthew 5 we will see Jesus make some remarkable statements about how we measure Godliness. According to Jesus the true measure of Godliness is found in our excessive love for God, our neighbour and even an excessive love…

The King and his Citizens – Part 1

This week we begin looking at Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew 5. This sermon is a picture of how the citizens of God’s Kingdom are to live their lives. But in many ways, it is a picture that is strange for us to understand because the citizens of Jesus’ Kingdom are not those who are strong and independent but those who are humble and dependent on God. These citizens live lives that are unique and strangely inviting. These…

The King Proclaims Good News

Good news is the announcement that something wonderful has happened! Good news breaks into our lives bringing hope to out future. And this is why Matthew describes Jesus’ ministry as the declaration of good news because Jesus came to give lasting hope to lost people. Jesus is the light of God’s Kingdom that shines into the darkness.

The King Is Tempted

After his Baptism, Jesus is driven out into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. Jesus endures and triumphs over temptation where Israel failed. But he also shows us that when we entrust ourselves to him, we too can triumph over temptation!

The King Is Baptised

This week Pastor Joe unpacks the spectacular baptism of Jesus. The stunning picture that is revealed in the baptism of Jesus is that it proves that Jesus is committed to restoring broken people. Through the baptism of Jesus, God’s one and only Son was commissioned to undertake the greatest rescue mission the world has ever seen by saving broken people from their sin.

The King Is Born

After the family tree declares Jesus to be in the line of King David and therefore a fulfilment of numerous prophecies that the Messiah would establish David’s Kingdom forever… Matthew moves on the describe the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. Pastor Joe unpacks Matthew’s christmas narrative

The King is Here

Pastor Ben begins our new series in Matthew’s Gospel by looking at the family tree of Jesus and showing us why Matthew chose to record it in this way. He will reveal the stunning truth hidden in all the names of Jesus’ earthly lineage!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

A series looking at the theological and biblical roots of the classic Christmas Carols we sing. Pastor Joe reflects on the interesting carol “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” to see why it is we struggle to truly rest and how the first Christmas ushers in the rest we long for.