"peace" Tagged Sermons

"peace" Tagged Sermons

Good Friday: The God who makes peace

Our history is marked with hostility.  From brokenness in simple relationships to hostility on a global scale.  Some may ask where God is in the midst of this hostility; has He abandoned us?  Where is God when we are crying out for peace?  The story of Good Friday reveals something stunning about God and our quest for peace on earth.

A Son is Given

“No, you can’t always get what you want But if you try sometime you find you get what you need” Christmas is a time when we can reflect on how true this statement Is. The things that we want are often not the thing that we need. In the book of Isaiah, God spoke a message of judgement against the nation of Israel because they rejected him as their God. But Judgement wasn’t the end of the story. In the…

Speaking Peace

As we come to the end of the story of Esther it is vital that we take the time to investigate what the author of this story really wanted us to see.  There is no denying that the story contains the central reality of God’s power to work behind the scenes to save His people from destruction.  But when you compare the first and last chapters of the story you see that it wasn’t just the future of the people of…

Know the enemy

As we continue in the story we come to chapter 3 with 5 years having passed since Esther became queen.  It is here that the story teller chooses to pick up the action again because the enemy of the people of God has been promoted to prominence.  This morning we meet Haman and we hear of his scheme to completely destroy the Jewish people and as we learn more about the enemy of God’s people in Susa we will also discover…