"Jesus" Tagged Sermons

"Jesus" Tagged Sermons

Longing for Justice

As Jacob and his family take up residence in the Promised Land tragedy strikes… Jacob’s only daughter Dinah is raped.  As we are confronted with the circumstances of this atrocity and how the various people respond to it, we will be gripped by a desperate need for God to reform our thinking about abuse and the brokenness that has surrounded our response to it.  This sermon does contain difficult content. If you have any questions, concerns, or it causes you…

Set Free Indeed

On Sunday 18th November 2018 we baptised a young couple.  This is the message preached on that day to joyously reflect on the gospel that saved them so powerfully.

Faithless Conspiracies

One of the beauties of the ancient stories of the Christian faith is that they are not like normal heroic tales or traditional myths that gloss over indiscretions or exaggerate the amazing qualities of the heroes. The ancient stories of our faith are warts and all tales of broken people. This is beautiful because it helps us understand our own brokenness and thrusts us towards the same God who worked in and through their brokenness.  In this passage we see…

Swindled by Pride

Though they were twin brothers, Esau and Jacob were vastly different from one another.  And like many siblings these differences flow over to a sibling rivalry – the boys had been engaged in a wrestle against one another for their entire lives.  In the passage we look at today this rivalry comes to the fore as the younger brother uses the older brother’s weakness to deceive him.  But as we engage with this story we will see that the trigger…

Lord’s Supper

On the night of the Passover, Jesus gathered with His disciples to share the feast.  As they reflected on the greatest moment in their history as a nation, their redemption from slavery, Jesus caused their minds to think of a vastly new kind of redemption.  In the last of our Gospel Drama messages, Pastor Joe investigates why it is still vital for the church to celebrate this new feast of Jesus.


When we come to salvation in Christ what are we actually doing? Is it turning over a new leaf? Is it making a new commitment? Is it embracing a new community or set of rules for life?  Or is it something more?  As we look at the rite of baptism we are going to see how this ritual is far more than mere ritual, and how it mirrors the kind of salvation we have received.


Every week in church we preach the gospel. Why?  I mean if the congregation are already believers why do we persist with this same message? As we begin our Gospel Drama series, we take a look at preaching and why it is vital for both the church and the world.

Come Lord Jesus!

We have heard about the glorious wonder of our soon-to-be future in the New Heavens and the New Earth; and it captivated our hearts.  But when we look at the world as it is now, we see a different reality.  So as John rounds out the account of his vision that he will send to the churches, we will see him refocus the attention of the churches onto what it is we should do as we wait for our future…

Our Future Uncovered

Many people have a vision of Heaven that is ethereal, like sitting on a cloud with a harp. As we come near to the end of Revelation, John is shown a vision of our future that blows this white cloud idea out of the water. Join us as we unpack the glorious wonder of our eternal home.

The Reign of Christ

The question of the Millennium for many Christians is one of confusion, controversy and division. For others it is the critical issue in studying Revelation. As we work our way through this tricky passage, we will see that this 1000 year reign has far more to offer than controversy.
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