"faith" Tagged Sermons (Page 2)

"faith" Tagged Sermons (Page 2)

Waiting for Reform

AS we have journeyed through the book of Malachi we might be forgiven for thinking that the entire nation had completely lost the plot when it came to worship… their worship was nothing more than the smooth, clean shell of a rotten egg. But as we finish the text of Malachi we see that there was one small group of people that God listened for… and as we hear their voice and God’s response we will find out why the…

The Hero we Need

We know that Jeremiah had been given a tough task.  Having to declare the coming destruction of Judah did not make him that popular and we have seen that this has taken its toll on him. Well in this encounter we look at today we see the broken Jeremiah pour out his heart to God and in doing so we will see something stunning about how God longs for us to relate to Him.

Graduating to Faith

All throughout our Galatians series so far Paul has been championing the reality that we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ.  IN other words that the basis for our right standing with God is not our capacity to measure up to the Law of Moses but rather Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  But if you are anything like me this raises a question: What’s the deal with the Law now? Does it matter how I live? Why did God…

Ugly Memory – Beautiful Worship

We don’t really like to think about our sin.  I mean we all know that we have sinned but when it comes to worship we like to focus on the fact that we have been forgiven of our sin rather than our sin itself…  how can remembering our sin possibly help our worship?  In Psalm 38 David write a worship song about his sin and as we look at the beautiful language he uses we will see why this ugly…
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