"faith" Tagged Sermons

"faith" Tagged Sermons

A Changed Man

Having walked confidently into Peniel, Jacob now limps out… but his limp signifies the dramatic change that took place in his life; he was no longer Jacob the deceiver, he was Israel the contender.  But now he actually comes face to face with his greatest fear; meeting his brother Esau. Will Jacob demonstrate this change, or will he fall back into his old ways?

Wrestling with God

Jacob has finally freed himself from bondage to his Uncle Laban and now he heads home with his new family and all their possessions.  But there is still one thing that lingers over his head.  The reality that he must soon confront his brother Esau; the brother he wronged 20 years ago. As Jacob deals with the stress of this situation, God reveals Himself in a way that changed Jacob forever.

The Self-Reliant Man

Intern Nico Crampton continues to unpack the story of Jacob by looking at the way in which different characters in the narrative deal with difficulty.  As we see the way they respond we will be challenged to see something that is a challenge to many of us.


Every week in church we preach the gospel. Why?  I mean if the congregation are already believers why do we persist with this same message? As we begin our Gospel Drama series, we take a look at preaching and why it is vital for both the church and the world.

The God who Revealed Himself

The final recorded words of people before they die give us an insight into their beliefs, their worldview, their reflection on life and their future hope. The book of 2 Peter contains the last recorded words of the Apostle before he died. And in his final speech, Peter lays down the foundation on how to live as a faithful follower of Jesus as he passes the gospel baton onto the next generation which has now been past down to us.

Persevering Against Sin

The preacher has called his people to embrace a life of persevering faith, to endure to the end with Jesus, never letting go. Well as he moves on from the hall of faith’s heroes in chapter 11, the preacher will unpack the beautiful glories of this life of faith over and against the horrors of sin.  The plan is that we will see sin for what it really is and reach out for persevering faith in Jesus instead.

God’s Story, told by faith

“You’ve just got to have faith.” This is often the way we end conversations about how it is we believe in an unseen God.  But all too often it feels like a cop out.  I mean what is faith anyway?  Well as the preacher of Hebrews continues to plead with his people to cling to Jesus by faith, he unpacks the role this faith has played int he history of God’s people.  This the the story of God, told by…

Good Friday: The Weakness of God

Images of Jesus in our minds are often images of strength, power, and leadership… He is the Son of God after all!  But the gospels actually present of very different image of Jesus… and the Easter weekend confronts us with an incredibly weak, dark, and broken image of Jesus. But it is precisely this image of weakness, rather than an image of strength, that grabs the attention of one man who witnessed it all… and changed his life. Join us…

Anchor for Your Soul

We speak of our faith a lot in church but I wonder how often we stop to consider what faith actually is.  It is easy for us to get confused into thinking that faith is some mystical belief against all evidence… or maybe that faith in built through our striving to attain godliness in one way or another. As we continue in our Hebrews series we will unpack what faith really is and how is gives us assurance of our…

Jesus is Everything

While we don’t know too many concrete details about the author or the audience of the book of but what we do know helps us greatly in understanding the true meaning of this book. Basically the deal is that persecution has caused many Jewish Christians to be tempted into forsaking their new Christian faith and retreating into the protection of Judaism.  Into this pressure cooker of persecution and temptation, a preacher pleads with these Jewish Christians to see something in…
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