"wrath" Tagged Sermons

"wrath" Tagged Sermons

The Day of Wrath Uncovered

We often speak about the coming of God’s Kingdom like it will just one day appear… but kingdoms do not come silently.  The Scriptures tell of the Kingdom of God like it will be a stone that crushes all other kingdoms to dust.  Well in Revelation 15-16 we catch a glimpse of this earth-shattering arrival.  Join us as Pastor Joe helps us come to grips with the day of God’s coming wrath.

Why do the Wicked Prosper?

Suffering injustice is one of the most burning pains that we can face in life.  We feel oppressed, we feel betrayed, we feel like there is nothing we can do… So often we can think that we aren’t supposed to complain about the injustices we suffer… that having faith means putting on a brave face.  But Jeremiah teaches us that God actually welcomes our complaints and longs to help us.

Snakes of Wrath

Some people try to build unity in the church by pointing out what they believe to be our common enemies.  They lead the church into battlefronts against the social and moral problems of our day and it can seem as though we are united.  But as we put up our defenses and form barricades against the external threats around us it is possible that we forget about an even greater threat… the threat within!  As we come closer to the…
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