"spirit" Tagged Sermons

"spirit" Tagged Sermons

Trinity – the self-sufficient God

We have a hard time explaining the Trinity! It is one of the questions we hope our friends and family don’t ask when we are trying to explain our faith because while we are confident that God is Trinity, we are all at sea when we try to explain how He can be Trinity.  As we continue to look at the essential doctrine of the church Pastor Joe takes us through the Trinity so that we may have more clarity,…

Trustworthy Witnesses

Right throughout this letter we have seen that John has been prosecuting a case against the false teachers who were trying to win the hearts and minds of the people away from Jesus.  Well as we come to the final chapter of the letter John is mounting his closing argument and he calls three witnesses for us to hear… witnesses who will radically confirm the most wonderful truth ever known.

Motivation for good

“Good works” get some pretty bad press in the evangelical church.  We have this belief that we are saved by grace and not good works and so we are skeptical of any teaching that calls us to good works.  I have actually heard ministers say that a person’s works don’t matter at all because that is not what saves them.  But just because we are not saved BY our good works doesn’t mean that we weren’t saved FOR good works.…

Freedom in the Spirit

All throughout Galatians Paul has been championing freedom, but perhaps you have had some serious questions about this.  See we know that the nature of humanity is corrupted and so if we are set free from the laws that keep our sinful nature in check will we not just embrace that sin and wind up doing more damage than good.  Paul anticipates this question and declares boldly that even though we are called to freedom we should not abuse that…
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