"sacrifice" Tagged Sermons

"sacrifice" Tagged Sermons

Obsessed with Blood

For some reason Christians seemed to be obsessed with blood: we celebrate it, we sing about it, we champion its power, and we drink a cup of wine that represents it.  This is pretty strange behaviour.  This obsession can make us feel pretty confused and uncomfortable.  But it is necessary that we embrace the concept of blood because it is central to our faith.

Waiting for Worship

Worship is something that is assumed in the church. You turn up on Sunday and you kind of expect it to happen. During the week you open your bible or bow your head in prayer and you think somehow you will feel something. But all too often worship can seem incredibly dry. As we continue to follow the story of God’s people in the book of Malachi, we will see that worship for them was something that looked alive on…

The Essential Church

Last week we saw that God powerfully fulfilled His promise to pour out His Spirit on His people… and 3000 people received the reality of the gospel and repented of their sin and were baptised into Jesus.  Last week we heard that this repentance and baptism was effectively the people rejecting their own pride-filled leadership of their lives and embracing the perfect reign of Christ… well this week Pastor Joe unpacks what kind of community this new people would form…

He Surrendered Perfection

Perfectionists can be infuriating to be around… especially if you are happy with a less-than-perfect way of living… BUT if we think about it there is a little bit of the perfectionist in all of us; we all like things to be just the way we want them.  So when we get things just the way we want them, (the perfect house, car, marriage, children, job), the last thing we would dream of doing would be giving it up.  But…
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