"Marriage" Tagged Sermons

"Marriage" Tagged Sermons

The Deceiver is Deceived

Jacob has escaped from his home, fleeing from the wrath of his brother Esau. He has also met God on the road and discovered Him to be bigger and more powerful than he had previously thought. But now he arrives at his destination, the house of his uncle Laban where he hoped to find a wife. As Jacob seeks a bride we will see what is in his heart and how it impacts his life practically.

Spiritual Void

Jacob now has the desire of his heart, Rachel as a wife… but it has cost him so much.  Jacob is now the head of a household that is divided, difficult, and plagued with problems.  As we hear what this broken house produces, we will be challenged about how we are living in the chaos of our own lives.

The Community that Clings to Jesus

As the preacher concludes his sermon it seems as though he is just spraying out a whole bunch of rules or laws that he expects the people to embrace. But we have to remember his overarching passion to call the people to cling to Jesus. Because these rules and laws are not a regime of regulations being enforced on the people, but they are ways in which the community of faith can help one another cling to Jesus.

Waiting for Commitment

We tend to very easily separate the vertical aspect of our life (where we worship God who is above) from the horizontal aspect (where we relate to people alongside of us). As Malachi continues to uncover the brokenness of the society of his day this week he will touch on the most intimate horizontal relationship the people knew and how their destruction of it was destroying their vertical relationship with God. Divorce causes great sorrow and pain in our society…

A community being made beautiful

The concept of marriage is common in our culture but often it is understood as merely a sentimental soppy love song style relationship or a cold legal commitment.  The Bible’s vision of marriage however is stunningly high and cuts through both sentimentality and legalities.  The reason it is so high is because He created it to mirror the thing He is most passionate about – His relationship with His people!  As we finish our series on the church we are…

Christ coloured relationships

Paul has been passionately proclaiming the supremacy of Christ and the amazing magnitude of the salvation we have received from Him.  When chapter 3 began we saw Paul proclaim that this salvation meant that our identity has been completely enveloped by this supreme Jesus… that God sees us as He sees His Son.  This has implications for our personal lives but also our relationships.  If Jesus is truly supreme and we are truly in Him then there is not one…
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