"love" Tagged Sermons (Page 2)

"love" Tagged Sermons (Page 2)

He is stronger

As we continue to summarise the big themes of this book of Jeremiah, today we measure the full weight of the destruction that the nation of Judah brought upon themselves. But when we see the mess they made we will see that there is still hope… hope that comes the heart of our God. 

Two Ways to Love

Whether it is love songs, love stories or the classic Disney Princess movies we are very familiar with what the world thinks of love.  Unfortunately love in the world rarely works out the way that the songs and movies seem to suggest that it will.  When John speaks of love he speaks of something far more satisfying and powerful than any image that Hollywood can conjure up… He speaks of a love that empowered by Jesus Christ through His gospel;…

Gospel Empowered Love

As we continue in John’s letter to the churches we have to remember that he is writing to people who are plagued by false teachers who were trying to capture their hearts and minds.  John has been constantly calling for the people to see the flaws in these teachers and see the hope and assurance in the gospel of Jesus.  Today he unpacks how the gospel changes our relationships with one another and how the love that it empowers can…

The Love of the Father

A lot of people think that Christianity gives you nothing but a boring life of rules and restrictions now and offers you nothing but a boring life of halo-wearing and harp-playing after death.  As we continue to walk our way through John’s letter to the churches we will see that it is nothing of the sort.  John outlines one of the greatest truths of all time and how it gives us a glorious hope.

I’ve got the power

With Brisbane being consumed by the G20 summit over the past week Pastor Joe takes a look at the concept of power, greatness and authority and how Jesus intends us to think about it in our lives.

The Appointed Day

As Christians we often face the accusation that our God cannot be the God of love and moral perfection that we claim Him to be when there are scores of examples of horrid violence in the Old Testament committed by the people of God often times at the direction of God.  Chapter 9 of Esther presents one such case and forces us to confront the reality of Old Testament violence.  Pastor Joe helps us understand this complex issue and how it…

Hope in Suffering

Many of us, when confronted with suffering in our own lives or the lives of those close to us have struggled with the question of why?  Why do we suffer?  Why does God allow it? Now while this is a vital and very personal wrestle I want to suggest that it is not the most important suffering question we can ask.  Because even if we can find an answer to why it won’t take the pain away… we are still…

The Father-Heart of God

As we celebrate Father’s Day 2014 we look at why God gave us dads.  He gave us earthly fathers so that we might understand more of His father-heart.  As we see and appreciate everything our dads do for us we should be reminded of the strong, intimate and loving relationship that God has with us His children.  Pastor Joe unpacks the wonder of God’s father-heart and the radical difference it makes to our life.

Community that preaches the gospel to one another

The call to love one another is as old as Christianity itself.  Jesus said that it is how the world will know that we are His disciples.  What what does it really mean for the church to love one another?  As we examine Romans 12 we will see that the kind of community Jesus is calling us to is one of radical love… one where we treat one another as brothers and call one another holy.

Motivated by His Love

Love is something we talk about, hear about, read about and sing about often in our society.  From the love stories we read to the love songs we hear on the radio to the chick flicks we watch; love is everywhere.  However, with all these contexts for expressing love we still struggle to define exactly what our love for another is.  The reality is that love can be described both by how the object of our love makes us feel…