"legalism" Tagged Sermons

"legalism" Tagged Sermons

The Gratitude of Freedom

Saying “Thanks” can often seem like a token… because the words rarely match the act that deserved the gratitude. In fact the best way we can thank someone is to go on and do whatever the person who helped desired for us.  Jesus has gifted us something that we know our words or songs could never repay. So how do we thank Jesus in a way that will do justice to the gift He has given?

Fighting for the Gospel

After the wondrous joys of their first missionary journey Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch where they soon encounter a new group of teachers who have begun to spread a nuanced gospel. Upon hearing their message Paul & Barnabas are quick to refute their teaching to the point where they head off to Jerusalem to meet with the Apostles and elders of the church in order to sort the matter out once and for all. Pastor Joe takes us through…

The curse of the Law

When you are part of a culture it is almost impossible to identify the blind spots of your culture because you are completely ingrained in it… you have the same blind spots as your culture!  This true as much for ethnic groups as it is the church.  In the church we have a culture and there is nothing wrong with that… in fact most of the time elements of church culture are good and helpful parts of broader society.  But…

They never told you God wants to set you free

“Christianity is an oppressive draconian regime of rules and restrictions!”  This is the impression that so many people have of church.  Maybe through an upbringing in a strict home, an education from a church school or media reports about narrow-minded churches you  have come to this conclusion yourself – why bother with church when it is just out to brainwash me and trap me in a life of boring compliance to rules? This morning we look at a stunning encounter…