"Justification" Tagged Sermons

"Justification" Tagged Sermons

Should’ve gone to speck savers

Everyday we make judgments. Left from right, guilty or not guilty, winner or loser. Even if we aren’t aware of it, we all judge something or someone at some point in our lives. So, it might come as a surprise to find that Jesus commands his disciples not to judge, lest they be judged themselves! What on earth does Jesus mean by setting this standard of living? Is Jesus really telling us that we should never, ever judge anyone or…

The End of Self-Justification

When we dust off our cute little nativity scenes each year we think little about the world that Jesus was born into.  We know the famous story of Joseph, Mary and the manger but we know very little of the kind of society that these events took place in.  As we start our Christmas series for 2015 we will look at what this society was like and how the coming of Jesus dramatically changed it.

Graduating to Faith

All throughout our Galatians series so far Paul has been championing the reality that we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ.  IN other words that the basis for our right standing with God is not our capacity to measure up to the Law of Moses but rather Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  But if you are anything like me this raises a question: What’s the deal with the Law now? Does it matter how I live? Why did God…