"heaven" Tagged Sermons

"heaven" Tagged Sermons

Our Future Uncovered

Many people have a vision of Heaven that is ethereal, like sitting on a cloud with a harp. As we come near to the end of Revelation, John is shown a vision of our future that blows this white cloud idea out of the water. Join us as we unpack the glorious wonder of our eternal home.

Jesus the Greater Rest

We live in a society where rest has become wrong. To rest means you are being lazy, that you are not committed to the cause, that you are useless and insignificant. But in the story of God’s people rest was actually a deeply desired concept. As the preacher of Hebrews continues to plead with his people not to abandon Jesus, he shows us why Jesus provides a far greater rest than anything God’s people had ever experienced and how we…

Judgment – the justice of God

The thought of Judgment Day is completely at odds with a generation where tolerance is king.  Perhaps this has caused many to wonder if there is anything good about the fact that God is revealed to us as judge and so instead try to concentrate on His love and grace. Pastor Joe leads us through the weighty concept of the judgment of God and stretches us to see that Judgment Day can actually be the greatest day.

Foolishly Wise

So many people think that following Jesus, going to church, embracing religion, is one of the most foolish things you can do. As we continue following the life and teaching of Jeremiah we see that God calls him to do something that looks incredibly foolish to prove to the nation that trusting God might look foolish but is infinitely wise.

The Love of the Father

A lot of people think that Christianity gives you nothing but a boring life of rules and restrictions now and offers you nothing but a boring life of halo-wearing and harp-playing after death.  As we continue to walk our way through John’s letter to the churches we will see that it is nothing of the sort.  John outlines one of the greatest truths of all time and how it gives us a glorious hope.

Future Perfection

Last week we saw that while we often fail to reach our resolutions due to our own weakness and failures, there is hope in the gospel.  Because the gospel provides full and perfect forgiveness.  But what if our failures were not due to our weaknesses or sins… what if our failures were due to the brokenness of the world and the brokenness of people around us?  Pastor Joe walks us through John’s vision of the coming Kingdom to show us…
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