"heart" Tagged Sermons

"heart" Tagged Sermons

Church – The Bad

As Jesus continues to share insights with the churches of Asia we find that there are a group of churches seem to be holding on to the faith, but for some reason Jesus also has found something deeply concerning amongst them.  This week Pastor Joe unpack what Jesus finds concerning in the church and how we might be on the verge of embracing this concerning trend.

The Heart of Sin

As we have been following the people of Judah and seeing them dive further and further into the sin of idolatry, I guess we have to ask ourselves: How did things get this bad?  How did the children of God abandon their father and embrace the gods of the nations? As Jeremiah continues to weep over the people and wrestle with their imminent demise, we see the heart of the nation’s sin and the heart of our sin as well.

Jesus: Captivator of Hearts

As we finish our series on the life of Jesus we come across an amazing encounter between Jesus and two of His disciples. They walk on a road with heavy hearts from the fact their hopes were shattered by Jesus’ death, but as Jesus walks with them and gently teaches them something amazing happens. At the end of this encounter the heavy-hearted disciples end up with a renewed passion that challenges where our own hearts are at.
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