"good friday" Tagged Sermons

"good friday" Tagged Sermons

Good Friday: The God who makes peace

Our history is marked with hostility.  From brokenness in simple relationships to hostility on a global scale.  Some may ask where God is in the midst of this hostility; has He abandoned us?  Where is God when we are crying out for peace?  The story of Good Friday reveals something stunning about God and our quest for peace on earth.

Good Friday: The Weakness of God

Images of Jesus in our minds are often images of strength, power, and leadership… He is the Son of God after all!  But the gospels actually present of very different image of Jesus… and the Easter weekend confronts us with an incredibly weak, dark, and broken image of Jesus. But it is precisely this image of weakness, rather than an image of strength, that grabs the attention of one man who witnessed it all… and changed his life. Join us…

Good Friday: The Promise of Paradise

We spend a lot of our lives striving to attain security, success and peace for ourselves but all too often that struggle only pulls us deeper and deeper into turmoil. This Good Friday we meet a man just like us who had spent his life striving to establish a kingdom in his own strength only to fall well short. But as his story intersects with the story God was telling the world though Jesus, he finds something that changes his…

Good Friday: Mockery & Shame

On Good Friday it is pretty common knowledge that Jesus died on the cross, but I wonder how often we remember the manner in which He was punished.  Because Jesus did not just embrace death on Good Friday, but the culmination of everything that is wrong with human hearts.  This Good Friday Pastor Joe examines the mockery and shame that Jesus encountered and reveals how it impacts on our understanding of what Jesus did for us.

Good Friday: They never told you He chose suffering

We all suffer… and when we go through the most intense times of trial and pain we can very easily feel alone.  We push people away, we dive into depression and we feel that there is no one who understands us and no one who can help us.  This feeling we are alone also extends to our relationship with God as in suffering it feels as though God has abandoned us and is either unable to help us or so…

Jesus: Sufferer of Injustice (Good Friday)

In our society our sense of injustice is incredibly finely tuned.  When we are wronged, even in the smallest of ways, we are quick to respond with shock, anger and emotion.  We have seen just how radical Jesus’ life has been.  He has sought out the lost, welcomed in the sinners, healed the sick and overcome evil; Jesus was the most amazing man who ever lived.  And yet the religious leaders of His day hated Him and conspired to kill…
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