"future" Tagged Sermons

"future" Tagged Sermons

Our Future Uncovered

Many people have a vision of Heaven that is ethereal, like sitting on a cloud with a harp. As we come near to the end of Revelation, John is shown a vision of our future that blows this white cloud idea out of the water. Join us as we unpack the glorious wonder of our eternal home.

Future Perfection

Last week we saw that while we often fail to reach our resolutions due to our own weakness and failures, there is hope in the gospel.  Because the gospel provides full and perfect forgiveness.  But what if our failures were not due to our weaknesses or sins… what if our failures were due to the brokenness of the world and the brokenness of people around us?  Pastor Joe walks us through John’s vision of the coming Kingdom to show us…

Dean Sandham: the future of the church

We are often challenged by the mission that God has sent us out on; the need to make disciples of all nations.  We are likewise inspired by what we see happening in the church right now; conversions, testimonies and solid growth.  But when we go through a season of dryness, and these sources of inspiration are less obvious, it might be that we need to remember the future of the church.  Dean Sandham from Deception Bay Baptist is our guest today…