"change" Tagged Sermons

"change" Tagged Sermons

A Changed Man

Having walked confidently into Peniel, Jacob now limps out… but his limp signifies the dramatic change that took place in his life; he was no longer Jacob the deceiver, he was Israel the contender.  But now he actually comes face to face with his greatest fear; meeting his brother Esau. Will Jacob demonstrate this change, or will he fall back into his old ways?

Yes He Can!

There is a part inside of all of us that longs for change; that longs to be better, more Christlike, more holy.  But fighting against that desire is a spirit of apathy and rebellion that is all too often stronger than our desire to change.  As we continue in our Jeremiah series we see a powerful and defiant king who does everything he can to stamp out change… but we also see a power that can overcome even the most…

Power for Change

Every year we get past Christmas and suddenly our attention turns to the New Year and everything that we hope it will bring for us.  Just about all of us view the 1st of January as a new start… an opportunity to make good.  Whether we call them “New Year’s resolutions” or not we all have ambitions for the year to come.  But each year we know all too well the crushing feeling of failure.  So where in this cycle…
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