"atonement" Tagged Sermons

"atonement" Tagged Sermons

Jesus the Greater High Priest

There is a deep uncertainty that exists in the minds of humanity about how we might approach a holy God when we are estranged from Him. In the Old Testament this gap was filled by priests. The people relied heavily on their connection to the priesthood in order to secure their salvation. So when Jews became Christians it would have been easy for them to be tempted to feel like their faith in Jesus wasn’t enough to bridge the gap…

Jesus Christ – at one with God

We all feel the brokenness of the world and our lives which results from sin. We try to solve this problem ourselves through religious effort, humanitarian efforts, scientific advancement, and chasing the “good life”. The Bible tell us that these efforts ultimately won’t work. But God has provided salvation for us in his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus’ incarnation and life show that he is the only one who is able to save. His death on the cross fully achieves salvation…

Presumptuous Pride

When God handed down His verdict against the cowardly and stiff-necked Israel the nation wept bitterly all night… but when morning came they responded in a way that showed they had not fully come to terms with their sin.  As we examine the first few moments after their conviction we will learn how God wants us to respond to our sin and what is His true heart for sinners.
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