Ripple Effect: the Book of Acts (Page 2)

Ripple Effect: the Book of Acts (Page 2)

The Gospel Does the Impossible

In chapters 7 and 8 Luke beautifully weaves the story of Saul of Tarsus in with the story of the church to show how these two rapidly rising forces were set on an inevitable course for collision. IN chapter 9 we see them collide in stunning fashion as the risen Christ confronts His greatest enemy on the road to Damascus. As we look at this encounter we will see the power of God in salvation and the ramifications this has…

Sharing the Christ

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven he said to the apostles present, “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the world. In his encounter with Ethiopian eunuch, Phillip is fulfilling this command as the eunuch represents the ends of the earth. These words of Christ apply to his followers today and while the ends of the earth maybe a far away land it could also be those in a local…

The Gospel Advances

Up to this point in Acts, the church has remained in Jerusalem. As we reach chapter 8, the gospel begins to advance out of the city into the surrounding areas of Judea and Samaria. The gospel advances by the disruption caused by persecution, among unlikely audiences, and despite the messiness of sinful agendas. Jesus continues to advance his gospel and grow his church despite the obstacles that we encounter in the mission.

The Gospel Won’t Be Killed

We have seen tensions brewing around the new and rapidly growing movement of Jesus followers. The religious authorities in Jerusalem have tried to squash the impact of the church: they threatened them with a muzzle, but the church kept talking; and they imprisoned them and beat them, but the church broke free! Now as the church is coming to terms with their own growth and the complications that brought, a man named Stephen will be set apart for ministry only…

The Gospel Won’t Be Stopped

The passion, power & and generosity of the church was winning the favour of so many people in Jerusalem that it was growing exponentially. It seemed as though everybody was captivated by this new movement. Well everybody it seems except the High Priest and the leaders of Israel. Instead of being captivated by the new church and their gospel, they were filled with jealousy. This morning we see this jealousy overflow to action… and as it does we will learn…

The Gospel Won’t be Corrupted

Riding high on a wave of excitement, joy, and gospel zeal the Apostles and the community of Jesus were growing in both number and unity. But as things seem to be going better than ever a new threat would arise that had the potential to derail the whole movement. As Pastor Joe examines this confronting event we will see the heart of God for His community and how our hearts need to be brought in line with His. 

The Gospel Won’t be Muzzled

As the church continues to grow the disciples of Jesus continue their daily custom of heading the the temple to pray. It is here that they meet a man born lame and God does an amazing act of supernatural power. This draws a crowd who hear the gospel and many respond. It also draws the attention of the authorities who haul Peter and John before their tribunal. It is here on this ominous stage, with the most influential people of the…

The Essential Church

Last week we saw that God powerfully fulfilled His promise to pour out His Spirit on His people… and 3000 people received the reality of the gospel and repented of their sin and were baptised into Jesus.  Last week we heard that this repentance and baptism was effectively the people rejecting their own pride-filled leadership of their lives and embracing the perfect reign of Christ… well this week Pastor Joe unpacks what kind of community this new people would form…

The New Pentecost

Last week we saw the church was told to wait in Jerusalem for the gift of the Holy Spirit. This week we see the stunning reality of what the outpouring of this Spirit actually meant; what it meant for the small congregation of Jesus followers and what it meant for the world. Join us as Pastor Joe unpacks the Pentecost experience and the first sermon of the church of Jesus Christ. 

The Church in Waiting

The disciples of Jesus had ridden a roller-coaster ride of emotions over the last few weeks.  Their hopes had seemingly been crushed with the death of Jesus and then suddenly birthed back into life through His resurrection. Now they had spent 40 days hanging with this resurrected Jesus. Everything inside them would have been wanting to burst out and tell the world everything that had happened… and yet Jesus tells them to wait.  But it is in this waiting we…
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