Sermons (Page 5)

Sermons (Page 5)

The Compassion of the Christ

As Jesus continues to minister in Gentile territory, we find Him repeating one of His most pivotal miracles, feeding the multitude. But it is the reason He performs this, and many other miracles, that Pastor Joe will challenge us with.

The Outward Trajectory of the Gospel

Having been rejected by the Jerusalem elite, Jesus moves out into Gentile territory. Here He meets a Canaanite woman, and from His interaction with her, we see how the gospel of Jesus Christ will keep moving despite the rejection of powerful people.

Jesus and Tradition

Jesus has had many confrontations with religious leaders, but in today’s passage we see an official delegation from Jerusalem come all the way out to question Him. As they seek to trap Him, Jesus will speak a word of truth about how these leaders had elevated their traditions over the word of God… Pastor Ben helps us see this is a word of truth we need to hear today as well.

Discipleship Growth

In life, we celebrate learning by commemorating out those moments that mark out our growing independence. Well, the disciples are clearly learning and growing from their Master Jesus. So what does their growth look like? Pastor Joe will help us see what discipleship growth looks like by unpacking two of Jesus’ more spectacular miracles.

Jesus Rejected at Home

Success in this world tends to be measured by acceptance. If lots of people accept you, that makes you successful. But in this passage we see Jesus rejected by His own family and friends, and we see John rejected by King Herod… we might be tempted to think of their ministry as giant failures due to this rejection, but Pastor Ben helps us see past worldly measurements of success.

Parables of the Kingdom (Part 2)

By this point in their journey with Jesus, the disciples were probably beginning to realise that following Jesus placed them in a significant minority… sure the crowds gathered to Him, but amongst the people who had all the sway in society, they were on the outer. Pastor Joe helps us see why following Jesus is worth it, even if it pushes us into the minority.

Parables of the Kingdom (Part 1)

It has been clear in our journey through Matthew’s gospel, that some people receive Jesus and some reject Him… this week, Pastor Joe unpacks the first of a series of parables to show us why Jesus had this effect on people who engaged with His teaching.

Receiving or Rejecting the Christ

Everyone wanted a piece of the Messiah, everyone had their own pre-conceived ideas about Him. Well in this passage, Pastor Ben will show us how the religious leaders of Jesus’ day let their ideas about the Messiah drive them to make a fatal mistake in how they treated Jesus.

Rest & The Sabbath

Busyness is the new marker of success… if you are busy, it means you are kicking goals in life because you have something to be busy with. But Jesus wants us to see that there is more to life than busyness, and He came to give us rest. Pastor Joe helps us to see where our true rest can be found.

Doubts About the True Christ

There are countless ideas about Jesus in this world. There are even countless ideas about Jesus across the varying manifestations of the church. So with all these different ideas, it is easy to doubt that we can truly know Him? Pastor Joe helps us to see the true Christ and have our doubts met by Him.