The Scandal of Christmas

The Scandal of Christmas

He Surrendered Perfection

Perfectionists can be infuriating to be around… especially if you are happy with a less-than-perfect way of living… BUT if we think about it there is a little bit of the perfectionist in all of us; we all like things to be just the way we want them.  So when we get things just the way we want them, (the perfect house, car, marriage, children, job), the last thing we would dream of doing would be giving it up.  But…

The Rejected God

The story of the crowded inn and the stable has always sat squarely in the middle of the Christmas narrative. We have this picture of Joseph scouring the streets of Bethlehem for a hotel only to find “No Vacancy” signs everywhere.  But the reality is that it wouldn’t have been like this at all.  Our cliched picture of Christmas has hidden from us another scandal… a scandal that changes everything.

Christmas isn’t Merry for Everyone

It is supposed to be a happy time of year for food, family and fun, but you only have to look around our country and the world to realise that a simply holiday doesn’t change the brokenness and hurt we can face – in fact Christmas can often magnify this pain!  As we start our series on the scandal of Christmas we look at the reality that Christmas isn’t merry for everyone; not now and not at the time of…
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