Sermons by Joe Khan

Sermons by Joe Khan

Jealous for you

The returnees have faced many challenges as they have begun to set up life back in the Promised Land. In this space they felt the weight of the rest of the world being at peace; happy with Persian rule, while they were devastated. As they grieve their predicament, Zechariah is given visions on a long night of dreaming that will revolutionise how the people were to think of themselves, and their God.

Return to the Lord

After 70 years of punishment in exile in Babylon, the people of God were finally returning to their homeland. But the excitement of the return is soon dampened by the destruction they are confronted with in Jerusalem. This places the people on the precipice of a decision… will they go forward with God? The prophet Zechariah speaks to this very decision as his ministry proclaiming God’s word begins.

Shepherds of God’s Sheep

Peter has spent a good portion of his letter preparing the new believers for the suffering that will come their way because of their faith in Jesus, and the kind of life they will need to live as a result. But now he turns his attention to the kind of leadership the church will need as it embraces the call to suffer. Pastor Joe helps us understand God’s prescription for church leadership.

Backlash Against Belief

The suffering of the faith community is supposed to help us in the pursuit of holiness as our faith muscles are worked and we understand the power of God in our weakness. However, this holiness will cause the world to push back against us. We need to understand why this backlash comes if we are to know how to live out faith in spite of it.

Holy Marriage

Peter has challenged the churches to embrace a posture of submission in their relationships with the authorities in their lives, government and masters. He now challenges them on the most intimate and personal relationship; marriage. Pastor Joe helps us understand what God wants a set apart marriage to look like and how it is vital for communicating Christ to our world.

Be Subject to Authorities

Christianity is never practiced in a vacuum. Christians live in a real world, with real systems of authority and governance. How should followers of Jesus, liberated from the power of sin, interact with sinful governments and authorities that hold sway over their lives? Pastor Joe helps us wrestle through this difficult issue.


Peter has encouraged the new believers in Asia Minor by unpacking the glorious way in which they were saved… they had been brought into the covenant family of God. But there is a certain way in which the covenant family of God is supposed to live… they are supposed to be holy! Pastor Joe helps us understand what it means to be holy.

The Idol of Religiosity

In our final sermon in the Battle for the Heart series on idols that captivate our affections, Pastor Joe helps us see how viewing our faith through the lens of religiosity is one of the most common idols that Christians struggle with. We will see how it captivates us and the damage it can do.