Sermons by Joe Khan (Page 3)

Sermons by Joe Khan (Page 3)

God Won’t Be Manipulated

Samuel has been established as one who speaks God’s word, the prophecy of God’s judgment against the house of Eli has been broadcast to the whole nation… how will the people respond. Pastor Joe helps us see the flaws in the way the people thought about God, and what God was prepared to do to keep His word!

God’s Word Restores

In the nation of Israel there was a massive problem… the word of God was rare. This had contributed to the downfall of the nation and the problems with the leaders that we have seen so far. Pastor Ben examines the moment when the Word finally arrives. NB: There were issues with the recording of this sermon. The written notes are available by clicking here!

Corruption & God’s People

Nothing causes more damage to the witness of Jesus in this world than corrupt leadership within the church. And yet, the church still struggles to be free from horrible examples of it. As we continue in 1 Samuel, pastor Joe unpacks the corruption of Israel’s priests and helps us understand how we can reconcile this painful tragedy in our own times.

Radical Sacrifice

We have seen Hannah cast herself at the mercy of Yahweh and find Him faithful and gracious. As we continue in our 1 Samuel series, Pastor Joe helps us see the kind of life Hannah’s stunning faith produces and the truth that empowers it.

The God Who Hears

The Book of 1 Samuel begins with the nation of Israel in a mess. In the midst of this mess, a broken and desperate women cries out to God and He hears. Pastor Joe helps us see how God used this unlikely woman’s faith to set His plan of salvation in motion.

Witnesses of Resurrection

It seemed as though the story of Jesus had finished in tragedy. Betrayed, falsely found guilty, executed on a cross, pronounced dead, buried, hidden behind a stone, and guarded by experienced soldiers… it seemed a long way from the promise of a Messiah. But as Sunday dawned, the most faithful of Jesus’ followers were about to find out that the story had just begun! Pastor Joe helps us witness the resurrection of Jesus.

Down to One

As Jesus walks His disciples through the last few hours they would spend together, He drops a hard word on them. A word they are not prepared to accept. Pastor Joe helps us see a shocking truth about the end of Jesus’ ministry, but a truth that has the power we need to be His followers today.

The End is Near (Part 2)

As Jesus continues to warn His disciples about the great and terrible day of judgment, He uses three vivid images to cement the significance of the coming judgment and inform them how to live as they waited. Pastor Joe helps us feel the weight of what this means for us practically.

The End is Near (Part1)

Many Christians can easily become obsessed with the end times, looking into the scriptures, world events, and the way the world is going to try to crack the code as the when Jesus might return. But this is not where our focus should be. In an epic conversation with His disciples, Jesus outlines how the end will come about. Pastor Joe unpacks this conversation to discover how Jesus would have us live as we await His return.

The False LEaders

Opposition to Jesus from the Pharisees and other religious leaders was starting to rise as He continued to refute their petty attempts to trap Him. But now Jesus turns His attention back on them. In a powerful and punchy teaching session, Jesus pronounces seven woes on the Pharisees. David Evans helps us see the Pharisees’ problems and how we struggle with them as well.