Sermons by Ben Peacock (Page 3)

Sermons by Ben Peacock (Page 3)

The Resurrected King

The Resurrection of Jesus is the moment that death was conquered and resurrection life was made possible for all who trust in him. The resurrection of Jesus is the single most important event in human history because it is the moment that hope for our world dawned!

The Humble King

The Triumphal entry into Jerusalem is the moment when Jesus’ was recognised as the King of Israel. But Jesus was to be a different kind of King to the one that God’s people wanted. Instead of being a King who would overthrow Israel’s enemies with displays of power and military might, Jesus entered Jerusalem as the humble King who road in on a donkey’s colt.

The Fearsome Nature of God’s Justice

God is love. There is perhaps no more well known characteristic than to know that he is love. But God’s love isn’t the only characteristic of God that the Bible speaks of. Alongside his love, God is also the God of justice. Pastor Ben unpacks the opening chapter of Nahum to help us see how the gospel is the message of God’s saving love and perfect justice!

The Resenting Prophet

Jonah has been on a topsy turvy journey with God and as we reach the final instalment of his journey, he is shown to be full of resentment towards God. Jonah is convinced that Nineveh didn’t deserve God’s mercy. But Jonah’s vision of God’s plan for the world is nearsighted and narrow. Instead of resting in God’s grace, Jonah resents it. Jonah 4 gives us a glimpse into God’s plan to restore all things!

The Rebellious Prophet

The Chronicles of Nineveh is a series looking at two books of the Bible that focus on the ancient city of Nineveh. Pastor Ben begins our new series by introducing us to the story of Jonah. A prophet of God who is sadly rebellious towards God, the trouble this brings upon himself, and the way God’s plan for salvation cannot be stopped.

Bread of Life

Examining the names of Jesus to gain a more robust and captivating understanding of who He is and what He has done for us. Pastor Ben shares with us the beauty of Jesus being the bread of life, our true satisfaction!

Way, Truth, Life

Examining the names of Jesus to gain a more robust and captivating understanding of who He is and what He has done for us. Pastor Ben examines Jesus’ bold claim to be the only way to the Father.

The Household

As Paul continues to unpack what being filled with the Spirit looks like in different relationships, Pastor Ben will help us understand the way children and parents, and servants and masters should interact now they have come to faith in Jesus.

Jesus and His Church

Pastor Ben helps us to see how Jesus achieves unity in the church through gifting us with gospel voices and growing us into maturity.

Mystery Revealed

The stunning revelation that the church is the forging together of Jews and Gentiles in one new body is not just good news for Jews and Gentiles, it is good news for the world… good news that is worth suffering for.