"vindication" Tagged Sermons

"vindication" Tagged Sermons

The God who Vindicates & Judges

What is the greatest danger to the church? Some people might think that the greatest danger to the church comes from external pressures like secularisation, or progressive ideologies or perhaps even the threat of radical Islam. However, Peter writes that the greatest danger to the church doesn’t come from external pressures, but rather, from within the church itself, from false teachers who veer away from Jesus and the gospel. These false teachers threaten the very foundation of the Gospel by…

Waiting for Justice

When we look out at a world full of injustice, oppression and betrayal it is easy for us to wonder where God might be… if God is a God of justice, why is the world such an unjust place?  People throughout history have asked this question, many of them have been faithful worshippers of God whose words are recorded for us in Scripture. But when the people of Malachi’s day asked this question, their motives were far from worshipful. As…

Judgment – the justice of God

The thought of Judgment Day is completely at odds with a generation where tolerance is king.  Perhaps this has caused many to wonder if there is anything good about the fact that God is revealed to us as judge and so instead try to concentrate on His love and grace. Pastor Joe leads us through the weighty concept of the judgment of God and stretches us to see that Judgment Day can actually be the greatest day.
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