"sovereignty" Tagged Sermons

"sovereignty" Tagged Sermons

The Sovereign Author

The story of Genesis is the origin story of the Jewish people.  It is how they discovered who there were, where they were, and who their God was.  As we come to investigate the story of one of the famous patriarchs of the people of God, Jacob, we need to understand why his life is recorded for us.  God, as the sovereign author, has written Jacob’s story, complete with all his failures, weaknesses and deceit, into His grand saga.  In…

Darien Khlentzos: The Sovereign God

The story of Joseph is a beautiful and captivating narrative of one man’s struggle against numerous obstacles including being hated, sold into slavery, wrongfully arrested, and abandoned in prison.  However, through all of this suffering, God shows His hand powerfully.  Missionary Darien Khlentzos follows this journey to show us the wonder of God’s sovereign plan.

Suffering Uncovered

In the vivid throne room scene of last week the conquering Lion that looked like a Lamb, Jesus the Christ, was the only one worthy enough to take the scroll of God’s purposes for the world and open its seals.  But as Jesus opens those seals a frightening vision emerges… a vision of unparalleled suffering for the earth.  But this vision is supposed to be for the good of the churches, to encourage them to cling to Jesus. So join…