"romans" Tagged Sermons

"romans" Tagged Sermons

Hope in Suffering

Many of us, when confronted with suffering in our own lives or the lives of those close to us have struggled with the question of why?  Why do we suffer?  Why does God allow it? Now while this is a vital and very personal wrestle I want to suggest that it is not the most important suffering question we can ask.  Because even if we can find an answer to why it won’t take the pain away… we are still…

Community that makes disciples

The Great Commission is one of the most famous commands of Jesus Christ and yet if we are to be honest we have to acknowledge that for some reason the church has struggled to keep it.  But we have to see that this command was given by Jesus off the back of the most amazing event in history – the resurrection!  It was with resurrection authority that Jesus gave the church this commission and we should be moved by this…

Community that preaches the gospel to one another

The call to love one another is as old as Christianity itself.  Jesus said that it is how the world will know that we are His disciples.  What what does it really mean for the church to love one another?  As we examine Romans 12 we will see that the kind of community Jesus is calling us to is one of radical love… one where we treat one another as brothers and call one another holy.