"judgment" Tagged Sermons

"judgment" Tagged Sermons

The Fall of Evil

The call to holiness is often viewed as a call to drudgery, boredom and joyless discipline.  Normally we have combated this misunderstanding by highlighting that holiness is joyfulness, liberty and true life… but Revelation 18 has a different take on it that is equally valid.  When God calls His people to “come out” from Babylon, He is doing so because of Babylon’s destiny… a destiny He longs to spare His people from.

The Day of Wrath Uncovered

We often speak about the coming of God’s Kingdom like it will just one day appear… but kingdoms do not come silently.  The Scriptures tell of the Kingdom of God like it will be a stone that crushes all other kingdoms to dust.  Well in Revelation 15-16 we catch a glimpse of this earth-shattering arrival.  Join us as Pastor Joe helps us come to grips with the day of God’s coming wrath.

The Fierce Love of God

We have seen the epic drama of an angry dragon making war on the people of God in a last ditch effort to cause damage to the plan of God.  While the victory of God is assured, God still has to watch His people endure the threats of the dragon. How will God respond when His people are threatened? How will He display His love to them?

Judgment Uncovered

Living in a peaceful and happy society it is easy to feel like we humans have got things pretty well sorted.  However, what we see in front of us is only a super thin slice of the broader story of human history.  There is a long history of rebellion and destruction that follows us everywhere.  For this reason God has always sought to show His displeasure at our rebellion through ongoing judgment against sin. Chapters 8-9 of Revelation uncover the…

The God who Vindicates & Judges

What is the greatest danger to the church? Some people might think that the greatest danger to the church comes from external pressures like secularisation, or progressive ideologies or perhaps even the threat of radical Islam. However, Peter writes that the greatest danger to the church doesn’t come from external pressures, but rather, from within the church itself, from false teachers who veer away from Jesus and the gospel. These false teachers threaten the very foundation of the Gospel by…

Waiting for Justice

When we look out at a world full of injustice, oppression and betrayal it is easy for us to wonder where God might be… if God is a God of justice, why is the world such an unjust place?  People throughout history have asked this question, many of them have been faithful worshippers of God whose words are recorded for us in Scripture. But when the people of Malachi’s day asked this question, their motives were far from worshipful. As…

The Gospel Won’t be Corrupted

Riding high on a wave of excitement, joy, and gospel zeal the Apostles and the community of Jesus were growing in both number and unity. But as things seem to be going better than ever a new threat would arise that had the potential to derail the whole movement. As Pastor Joe examines this confronting event we will see the heart of God for His community and how our hearts need to be brought in line with His. 

Judgment – the justice of God

The thought of Judgment Day is completely at odds with a generation where tolerance is king.  Perhaps this has caused many to wonder if there is anything good about the fact that God is revealed to us as judge and so instead try to concentrate on His love and grace. Pastor Joe leads us through the weighty concept of the judgment of God and stretches us to see that Judgment Day can actually be the greatest day.

The Trustworthy God

When we see violence in the Bible, especially violence orchestrated by God, it is easy to pull back a bit from God and doubt whether or not He is the kind of God that we want to trust. Well as we reach the crescendo of the narrative of Jeremiah, the destruction of Jerusalem, we see God enact a brutal fate on the city and the king… but this judgment will actually fuel our trust in God rather than turn us…

Murray Lean: The Heart of Rebellion

We continue in our series in the book of Numbers as Murray Lean from City North Baptist comes and shares with us.  In Numbers 16 we see a man who had become so discontent with his life that he rebelled against his leaders and against his God.  But as we look at his rebellion we will see that this spirit of discontentment is at the heart of every human ego; we are all prone to rebel against God when we…