"humility" Tagged Sermons

"humility" Tagged Sermons

A Changed Man

Having walked confidently into Peniel, Jacob now limps out… but his limp signifies the dramatic change that took place in his life; he was no longer Jacob the deceiver, he was Israel the contender.  But now he actually comes face to face with his greatest fear; meeting his brother Esau. Will Jacob demonstrate this change, or will he fall back into his old ways?

Swindled by Pride

Though they were twin brothers, Esau and Jacob were vastly different from one another.  And like many siblings these differences flow over to a sibling rivalry – the boys had been engaged in a wrestle against one another for their entire lives.  In the passage we look at today this rivalry comes to the fore as the younger brother uses the older brother’s weakness to deceive him.  But as we engage with this story we will see that the trigger…

Rage Against Wisdom

Every one of us have a trigger… some people have more than one… some people have quite a few… something that triggers a rage inside of us that all too often works its way out into the lives of those around us. When traditional anger management techniques fail time and time again we need a more permanent solution to our rage. Pastor Joe unpacks the deeper cause of our anger and how God calls us to overcome it. The meme…
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