"God" Tagged Sermons

"God" Tagged Sermons

Wrestling with God

Jacob has finally freed himself from bondage to his Uncle Laban and now he heads home with his new family and all their possessions.  But there is still one thing that lingers over his head.  The reality that he must soon confront his brother Esau; the brother he wronged 20 years ago. As Jacob deals with the stress of this situation, God reveals Himself in a way that changed Jacob forever.

Darien Khlentzos: The Sovereign God

The story of Joseph is a beautiful and captivating narrative of one man’s struggle against numerous obstacles including being hated, sold into slavery, wrongfully arrested, and abandoned in prison.  However, through all of this suffering, God shows His hand powerfully.  Missionary Darien Khlentzos follows this journey to show us the wonder of God’s sovereign plan.

TriChurch18 #1 – Luke Jenkin

TriChurch Summit is a collaborative ministry of Grange Baptist, Enoggera Baptist & Rosalie Baptist. To kick off TriChurch Summit for 2018 Luke Jenkin (Grange Baptist) traces the mission of God throughout the entire scriptures to encourage us with a radical truth about the mission we are called to.

Worship Uncovered

After speaking out letters to the seven churches, Jesus causes John to be caught up in a vision of Heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit.  As John sees the throne room of God uncovered, a dramatic scene takes place before him.  And as we hear John’s account of this spectacular sight, we will be confronted by the magnitude of our God and why our worship of Him matters.

The Old Testament in one sermon

As we begin our series in the Book of Hebrews we must realise that the author of this book quotes, references and highlights the Old Testament more than any other New Testament author.  So as we embark on a journey through his writing we are going to remind ourselves of the glorious story of the Old Testament in one sermon. Pastor Joe tells us the story of God’s people by examine 7 key strands of thought that define God’s interactions…

Waiting for Love

This week we begin our Christmas series by looking at the book of Malachi. Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament and therefore the last prophetic voice before the coming of Jesus at the first Christmas and therefore gives us a unique look at why we needed Christmas. The week we start by looking at the fact that all of us are waiting to be loved by God. The love of God is one of the simplest of…

Trinity – the self-sufficient God

We have a hard time explaining the Trinity! It is one of the questions we hope our friends and family don’t ask when we are trying to explain our faith because while we are confident that God is Trinity, we are all at sea when we try to explain how He can be Trinity.  As we continue to look at the essential doctrine of the church Pastor Joe takes us through the Trinity so that we may have more clarity,…

Scripture – the God who wants to be known

Most religions describe the concept of god as some distant, unknowable, mysterious being who exists in a place far removed from our existence who can only be known by those dedicated enough to find him. The Christian conception of God is of a being far bigger and far more outside of our existence than any other and yet this God is personal and longs to be known by His creation. As we begin to study the core doctrine of the…

Jeremiah in the Epic Story of God

When God chose to reveal Himself and His workings in this world to us He did not choose to give a lecture, He chose to tell us a story!  This story is truly epic.  It is a story that covers everything that God has done to create, redeem & restore His people throughout thousands of years of history.  As we finish our look at Jeremiah we will see what role Jeremiah played in this epic story and what we can…

He is stronger

As we continue to summarise the big themes of this book of Jeremiah, today we measure the full weight of the destruction that the nation of Judah brought upon themselves. But when we see the mess they made we will see that there is still hope… hope that comes the heart of our God. 
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