"father" Tagged Sermons

"father" Tagged Sermons

Trinity – the self-sufficient God

We have a hard time explaining the Trinity! It is one of the questions we hope our friends and family don’t ask when we are trying to explain our faith because while we are confident that God is Trinity, we are all at sea when we try to explain how He can be Trinity.  As we continue to look at the essential doctrine of the church Pastor Joe takes us through the Trinity so that we may have more clarity,…

Unparalleled Glory

We all long to be showered in some kind of glory. We don’t want to be thought of as average (or below average) so we do everything we can to capture even just a glimmer of glory. This morning we look at a moment in which Jesus prayed that He might be glorified. But as we will see His image of glory is so vastly different from ours… in fact it is confronting… but it is good!

The Love of the Father

A lot of people think that Christianity gives you nothing but a boring life of rules and restrictions now and offers you nothing but a boring life of halo-wearing and harp-playing after death.  As we continue to walk our way through John’s letter to the churches we will see that it is nothing of the sort.  John outlines one of the greatest truths of all time and how it gives us a glorious hope.

The Father-Heart of God

As we celebrate Father’s Day 2014 we look at why God gave us dads.  He gave us earthly fathers so that we might understand more of His father-heart.  As we see and appreciate everything our dads do for us we should be reminded of the strong, intimate and loving relationship that God has with us His children.  Pastor Joe unpacks the wonder of God’s father-heart and the radical difference it makes to our life.
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