"Disciples" Tagged Sermons

"Disciples" Tagged Sermons

Hope on the Road to Emaus

Many of us know the pain of placing our hopes and dreams in somebody that we love only to have them let us down… the disciples we meet this morning were feeling this gut-wrenching pain as they wrestled with how the man they hoped would be the Messiah could have let them down by dying and leaving them alone. Well as Jesus encounters these disciples on the road as the travel we will see that their hopes are resurrected and…

The God Who Serves

Deep down inside all of us want to be known as self-made men and women.  Our immediate thought is to take on life by ourselves without ever wanting to ask for help so that we might be able to take all the credit for it, so that others might think of us as impressive. But when it comes to our relationship with God our self-determination can actually push us further away from Him rather than impress Him.  Pastor Joe looks…

Community that makes disciples

The Great Commission is one of the most famous commands of Jesus Christ and yet if we are to be honest we have to acknowledge that for some reason the church has struggled to keep it.  But we have to see that this command was given by Jesus off the back of the most amazing event in history – the resurrection!  It was with resurrection authority that Jesus gave the church this commission and we should be moved by this…

Jesus: Captivator of Hearts

As we finish our series on the life of Jesus we come across an amazing encounter between Jesus and two of His disciples. They walk on a road with heavy hearts from the fact their hopes were shattered by Jesus’ death, but as Jesus walks with them and gently teaches them something amazing happens. At the end of this encounter the heavy-hearted disciples end up with a renewed passion that challenges where our own hearts are at.