"Courage" Tagged Sermons

"Courage" Tagged Sermons

Wisdom for the flourishing of Women

Our society places incredibly high expectations on women. Women are expected to be smart, successful, beautiful, homely, motherly, fit, and emotionally strong.  The pressure on women to perform on all these levels is huge. So in the church, when we come to a passage like Proverbs 31, it is easy for our community to view it as a manifesto for women, a list of essentials, or a standard that must be attained. The pressure to be a “Proverbs 31 woman”…

The Gospel Won’t be Muzzled

As the church continues to grow the disciples of Jesus continue their daily custom of heading the the temple to pray. It is here that they meet a man born lame and God does an amazing act of supernatural power. This draws a crowd who hear the gospel and many respond. It also draws the attention of the authorities who haul Peter and John before their tribunal. It is here on this ominous stage, with the most influential people of the…

Longing for Justice

Unfortunately we had some difficulties with the sermon audio for this message.  You can find a comprehensive set of notes below.

More valuable than life

As news of the king’s decree of destruction reaches the ears of the Jewish community in Persia they begin to mourn publicly.  Mordecai typifies this response, a response that we will see is a beautiful and genuine act of worship.  And yet when he appeals to Esther for help we see a real wrestle in her heart… a bitter and costly dilemma that is a hard pill to swallow.  This morning we see a stunning truth that will allow us to…
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