Current Preaching Series

Current Preaching Series

As you look around the world, you will notice that we are a people who are on a perpetual quest for good leaders. We flock to leaders who promises hope or tick all our boxes, and we are outraged when leaders don’t meet our standards or act against our interests. We want leaders who will keep us safe, help us prosper, and preserve the values that we share.

We are not the first generation to long for good leadership, it is a distinctively human desire. In fact, we are not unlike the people of Israel from the time of Samuel, Saul and David, thousands of years ago.

The book of 1 Samuel recounts a period of Israel’s history where they were desperately looking for a leader who would keep them safe from their enemies and forge them into the nation they were meant to be. Sadly, this quest was constantly plagued with failures and the people suffered as a result.

Join us, from Jan 31 in our Sunday Morning services as we listen to what God said the people on this doomed quest and allow it to both challenge our own propensity to seek leadership in the wrong places, and show us a better vision of leadership that gives us hope for our own lives.

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