New Testament in One Year

New Testament in One Year

As Christians, reading the Bible is one of those things that I think we know we should be doing, but too often our best intentions get railroaded by the busyness of life. Things like this and the urgency of all the little notifications that pop up on it get in our way… Then, before we know it, another day has gone by with very little genuine connection with our God. I reckon many of us know this wrestle all too well.

So, over the next year, I am going to be working through the New Testament, just one chapter each weekday and I am wondering if you might join me…

To help us stay on track I am going to share a short video here each day that has a quick summary of each chapter, something to look out for, and a couple of questions to think about.

Maybe you want to follow along with me. I hope so. And I hope seeing these videos pop up on this thing will help you to take time out from the busyness of life to spend time reading and meditating on God’s word… so that our hearts might be increasingly captivated by the wonder of Jesus.    

You can follow along here:

You can download the reading planner here!

Let’s read the New Testament in One Year!

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