Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

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    Jesus Christ is the most amazing figure in human history.  He was born in a nothing town to nobody parents who had nowhere to stay. He never traveled, never married and never had a family. He had no possessions, no position and no place to call home. At the end of his short life people hated him, his friends deserted him and the government killed him. And yet… No one person has had more songs sung, more books written or more movies made about them. His birth defines our calendar, His death changed history and his story is recorded in over 2500 languages the world over.

    You might not resonate with Christianity or even believe in God, but you cannot deny the existence of Jesus.  The overwhelming majority of historians affirm the biblical record of His life.  So the real question that everyone must answer is not “Do I believe in Jesus?” but rather “What do I believe about Jesus?”

    The Bible teaches that Jesus came to pull down the wall of unbelief, rebellion and rejection that stood between us and God.  But He also demolished the wall of indifference and hostility that stood between people of varying backgrounds, ethnicity and belief.  Jesus came to destroy the biggest problem in this world; sin!  Sin is born of our selfish desire to promote, protect and prosper ourselves often times at the expense of others.  We can all think of times where we have thought, said or done something to walk all over someone else just to get what we want.  The Bible teaches that no one is perfect and all have struggled in this way.

    But when Jesus came He lived a life of complete selflessness!  He hung out with the poor, the broken, the marginalised, the disabled and the sinners; because they were in desperate need of help.  He stood up to the religious gurus of His day, who had manipulated the worship of God to suit their own needs and maintain their grip on power.  He lived a perfect life of providing healing, restoration and community for the broken and the lost, but at the same time spoke the truth and exposed the sinful nature of our hearts.

    Ultimately this radical life led to His false arrest, His unfair trial and His unjust murder.  Jesus died at the hands of the very people He came to help.  The Bible says, “He came to His own, but His own did not receive Him.”  But this was not the end of the story!  God raised Jesus from the dead to show that even when the evil does its worst, God does His best.  Jesus now reigns as the glorious and supreme King of Heaven and Earth and He calls all people everywhere to repent and believe.  This means to turn away from our selfishness and pride and trust in Jesus alone to save us, transform us and lead us into eternal life.

    Jesus knows you at your worst, all your sin, pride and guilt, and yet He loves you in spite of it.  In fact it was sinful, proud and guilty people that He came to save.  So before you reject Christianity take a moment to seriously investigate the Christ!

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