Why Church?

Why Church?

To some people the word church conjures up images of mighty cathedrals in historic locations or maybe quaint country chapels.  Others might think of Popes and Cardinals dressed in opulent robes presiding over religious rituals in Latin.  Still others might think of the mega churches with huge stadium-like auditoriums and booming music.  The reality is that regardless of what you think about church for many people in our society it has become increasingly irrelevant.

But I fear that people have rejected the notion of church without really knowing what it is.  Far too many people have been burnt by their experience of church or turned off by door-to-door salesmen trying to twist their arms. So I think it is vital that we get into our heads an honest picture of what God designed the church to be.

In its most basic form the church is the most spectacular community on earth.  It is a community that has no walls, barriers or fake facades.  God designed the church to be a place where everyone is welcome and nobody is left behind.  It is a community that is supposed to embody the life and teaching of Jesus Christ; His love, mercy, grace and truth are to flow through our veins.

We acknowledge that life is hard; it is full of disappointments, trials, battles and failures.  But we also know that this life and these trials are far easier when lived in community.  We know that many of you will have been hurt before but we know it is better if you are open and honest about this hurt rather than harbour bitterness in your heart.  At Rosalie Church we are not perfect and will never claim to be, but we are striving to be the kind of church that God designed.  We long to take the warm and forgiving invitation of the gospel to our world and draw others into the beauty of a life lived in togetherness.

If you have any questions about church or what coming to Rosalie Church might look like please contact Pastor Joe anytime.

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