About Rosalie

About Rosalie

Who We Are

We are a growing community of people of all ages who claim Jesus Christ as Lord and seek to communicate His love, grace & mercy with the Rosalie/Paddington community! We don’t claim to be perfect; we acknowledge that we are broken people who are in desperate need of a loving God of grace. We welcome all people from all backgrounds to come and share the blessing of this freedom with us.  We long to provide a place for people to…

What We Believe

The Gospel The gospel is the good news that God has anointed Jesus Christ as both King and Saviour of this world.  His reign as King has been established through His life, death and resurrection.  God sent this King Jesus not to condemn the world but to save the world and restore all things by bringing them under His rule.  The good news of the gospel therefore is that God has offered sinful humanity full forgiveness and a restored, perfected…

Meet Our Staff

Our team of leaders work hard to serve the church with the gospel. They take much joy in helping people understand the message of Jesus and find security and significance in Him.

New to Rosalie Church?

Welcome! Whether you are planning a Sunday visit, looking for a new church home or simply wondering whether Jesus is something worth investigating, we hope that this website will help you find the information you need. However, the best thing to do is visit one of our Sunday morning services. Here you can get a feel for who we are and experience the community that God is creating amongst us. Information about visiting Rosalie is below: General Information Sunday morning…
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